Deleted scene from The Fault in Our Stars

*silent cry*

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facelesstiger asked:

Forgive me father for i have sinned. I was at work (in a gym) eating my kfc wings in the office so naturally that beautiful smell was lingering in the air. Anyway i put my rubbish away and his random man came in and said 'Mh that smells nice.' I looked him dead in the eye and replied 'thats how my pussy smells' and walked out for my workout. I have been avoiding this individual and today i found out that he is the new manager



better start job hunting now lol



Special skills: extensive Harry Potter knowledge, can watch an entire TV show in a week, knows words to every Disney song, can form abnormally strong attachments to fictional characters, Microsoft Word

So you mean, able to retain knowledge, has incredible focus and drive, excellent at processing media, remembers obscure details when needed, and has great skill at creating connections with individuals despite minimal interfacing?

And Microsoft Word?

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